Emergency Medical Services

In order to provide a more comprehensive emergency medical system, the Fire Districts developed a Joint Powers Authority. In 1996 the El Dorado County Regional Prehospital Emergency Services Operations Authority (JPA) was formed for the purpose of ensuring automatic aid between the fire agencies for the delivery of an extensive, prehospital emergency medical service in an efficient manner without regard to jurisdictional boundaries.

Sub-contracting Fire agencies to the JPA operate the medic units and are reimbursed for their costs with funds from CSA7. These costs include personnel, operating expenses, equipment and administrative overhead. Non-transporting sub-contracting fire agencies receive funds from CSA7 for medical supplies and training. Some of these agencies operate full-time paramedic engines while others operate part-time advanced life support engines.

As one of the Sub-contracting Fire Agencies to the JPA, Diamond Springs-El Dorado Fire Protection District operates a full-time paramedic ambulance providing Basic and Advanced Life Support services to the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Paramedic Firefighters provide the most extensive pre-hospital care. Some of their responsibilities are to administer drugs orally and intravenously, interpret electrocardiograms (EKGs), perform endotracheal intubations, and use monitors and other complex equipment.